Yes to Salary Increase! Sign the Petition Now!

Yes to Salary Increase! Sign the Petition Now!

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Please Read:


We, education workers, students, parents and education advocates call for the immediate increase of salaries of education workers in the public sector. We appeal for the speedy enactment into law of House Bill 7211 that seeks to raise the salaries of education workers:

  • P16, 000 for Salary Grade 1;
  • P30,000 for Teacher I;
  • and P31,000 for Instructor I.

We demand that budgetary requirements for the increase be incorporated in the 2019 General Appropriations Act.

We maintain that a substantial raise on the salaries of education workers is necessary, justified and long overdue.

The scant salary increase effected by Executive Order 201 since 2016 has proved to be insignificant in the face of continuing spikes in the prices of goods and commodities. The implementation of the TRAIN Law has done more harm than good to the economic status of education workers. Three-year-high inflation rates have eroded both the meager salary increases under EO 201 and the income tax savings under the TRAIN Law. This has plunged education workers deeper into the quagmire of personal debts.

The selective salary increase given to uniformed personnel in January 2018 has brought the distortions in the public sector salary scheme to new levels. This discriminatory action sows demoralization and resentment among civilian personnel.

Two years is too long a wait for the Duterte administration to fulfill its campaign promise of increasing teachers’ salaries. Empty stomachs can no longer wait for 2020. We need salary increase now!

In the name of adequate and equitable pay for all government workers, we also support House Bills 7197 and 7196 which aim to increase the salaries of all government workers:

  • P16,000 for Salary Grade I
  • and P30,000 for Nurse 1.
Source: act teachers party-list

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