Why teachers should separate immediately from GSIS

Why teachers should separate immediately from GSIS

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According to GSIS vision it commits to –

  1. Provide social security/insurance and financial benefits to all government employees and their dependents;
  2. Satisfy the non-life insurance needs of government;
  3. Maintain and strengthen the viability of the fund; and
  4. Build an enduring partnership with its stakeholders.

But, do they really functions like what they intended to do? are they really helping the government personnel specially the teachers?

There so much issues this department has get in to and its very alarming seeing those victims story and not only that I personally experienced their flaws myself, and here is the facts why teachers MUST separate immediately from GSIS.

  • According to them Teachers did not feel the help of GSIS. Instead of helping teachers, the interest added to their burden.

  • Their services suck and their clients are not satisfied. Many clients complain about their services not in the advantage to the members. They have limited staff to entertain and it takes forever to transact in their office.

  • The interests from their loans get doubled without much further explanation. No explanation made for the double interest. Members get confused all the time.

  • There is no transparency in GSIS. Members can’t see clear transactions of the accounts.

  • PLI’s are more of help compared to GSIS. Yes, PLI’s are better compared to GSIS.

  • Hidden charges and insurmountable arrears. Many teachers experience this one. The arrears are too high and teachers don’t know why. They never explained the reason to the members.

  • Teachers don’t trust GSIS anymore. Trust is a matter service and dedication. If teachers feel unimportant and rejected then what is the reason of being stuck when we can pull out? This is another reason why teachers wanted to separate from GSIS.

  • Queries and concerns will not be immediately addressed by their staffs. Staffs don’t explain much. You will enter their office with many questions and will go out still with the same questions.

  • On time deductions but late posting of premiums. Late posting of premiums yet on time deductions in the payslip.

  • Many, many unresolved issues. Many issues that are not answered and addressed.



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  1. absolutely true.i experienced it myself when i claimed my maturity of my policy they deducted me more than 1/2 of the amount i never knew how it came my policy loan has compounded that much when as far as i remember i only have received 7k amount…no transparency and explanation thats it….so disgusting gsis it didnt help us teachers.

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