The Salary Standardization Law V for Gov't Employees

The Salary Standardization Law V for Gov’t Employees

This Act shall be known as the “Salary Standardization Law V” modified schedule of salary grades and increases for gov’t employees in all departments.

Declaration of Policy

The State recognizes the need to attract the best and the brightest individuals to government service through the creation of a compensation system that recognizes their skills and contributions to nation building. For this purpose, the State shall provide a salary schedule that aims to make sufficient distinctions among government employees based on their duties and qualifications, create a method of compensation that offers rates that are competitive with private sector counterparts, and provide a means of livelihood for civilian government personnel that will enable them to serve the nation to their full capacity.


The modified schedule of salary grades and increases provided herein shall apply to all civilian government personnel in all branches of government, including, but not limited to the Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs), Government Financial Institutions (GFIs) and Local Government Units (LGUs); Provided, That the basic pay of barangay personnel shall be in the form of honoraria which shall be a percentage of the Salary Schedule corresponding to the income classification of the LGU.

The rates herein shall apply to all kinds of employees or officers, whether regular, casual, contractual, appointive, elective, full-time, part-time, whether existing or created after the passage of this law.

Provided, That the salary schedule under this law shall not apply to government agencies or institutions with their own salary structure provided under other laws or rules which provide better rates and benefits other than those stated herein: Provided further, That the individuals serving under job orders, contract of service arrangements, consultancy agreements, or other arrangements with no employer-employee relationship are excluded from availing of the benefits of this law.

Salary Schedule of Civilian Government Personnel

The salary schedule of civilian government personnel shall be arranged as follows:



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