Teachers in Cebu got P10K cash assistance

Teachers in Cebu got P10K cash assistance

They may have received only half of the P10,000 annual cash aid from Cebu City Hall but these teachers still have a reason to be thankful for small graces.

CDN Photo/Junjie Mendoza

About 5,400 public school teachers and school personnel flocked to the Cebu City Sports Center to receive their annual P10,000 cash assistance from City Hall yesterday.

Shyne Alexis Antonio, Local School Board (LSB) executive assistant, said the recipients consisted of teachers, librarians and guidance counselors working in the city’s 136 public schools.

“They are eligible to receive the P10,000 from City Hall’s teacher’s cash assistance program,” Antonio said.

Antonio said those who were ineligible to receive the cash aid were those who were hired last June 1 to the present.

But some teachers had their cash aid cut to half after they received the 2015 cost of living allowance (COLA) disallowed by the Commission on Audit (COA). Antonio said those who received the COLA only received P5,000.

The P5,000 deducted by City Hall will serve as partial payment for their COLA. Based on City Hall’s master list, not all the teachers got their allowance yesterday.

Antonio said those who were unable to receive the cash aid yesterday can still get their cash assistance until Dec. 22 next week.

“As per procedure, we can still give their cash assistance for one week,” Antonio said.

Antonio said if they cannot get it within that week, it will be processed next year. “It will take time to process it,” she said.


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