TDC and DepEd dialogue to Tackle Teachers’ Workload

TDC and DepEd dialogue to Tackle Teachers’ Workload

At 11:00AM today, August 29, teachers and DepEd officials will finally sit in a dialogue to discuss teachers’ workload and come up with an agreement. Recently, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) has raised the issue of teachers’ work burden due to many tasks that some are not teaching-related. These issues and other work circumstances, according to teachers have caused physical and emotional exhaustion and even attributed to three cases of suicide.

The group will raised the following demands:

  • 1. Immediately stop the implementation of RPMS (results-based performance management system);
  • 2. Put a halt on the implementation of DepEd Order No. 42 or the use of Daily Lesson Log (DLL) and Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) and revert to simplified lesson preparations;
  • 3. Stop all the on-going class observations and leave the teachers in their usual teaching tasks;
  • 4. Prohibit Saturday classes and required meetings;
  • 5. Fully implement the six-hour workday with uniformity based on existing rules;
  • 6. Hire personnel that will accomplish clerical tasks;
  • 7. Provide leave benefits for teachers during the school year

TDC however said that if the DepEd will agree on these, it should be coupled with improvement of their socio-economic condition through salary increases and a comprehensive health program that includes mental wellness.

The group said that these demands are not for teachers, but rather for their students and pupils because a happy, fulfilled and healthy teacher will remain a hardworking and passionate teacher.

Expected to meet them are Undersecretaries Anne Sevilla and Jesse Mateo of Finance and Regional Operations, respectively. #

Venue: DepEd Central Office, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City


Benjo Basas, TDC National Chairperson

09166126739 (TDC Hotline)

SOURCE: Teachers Dignity Coalition

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