Students are Allowed to Share Modules According to DepEd

Students are Allowed to Share Modules According to DepEd

Students are Allowed to Share Modules According to DepEd

According to the Department of Education, some students will have to share modules due to lack of funds for the production of self-learning modules.

Modules in some subjects would be used “on rotation basis,” but they would see to it that modules will be disinfected before being passed on to another student, Education Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio emphasized.

“That is allowed. At most, four [learners] but what we are saying is that two learners can use it,” San Antonio said.

Agusan del Norte 1st District Rep. Lawrence Fortun brought the topic about some teachers were “going out of their way to solicit help” for the reproduction of modules.

“I believe this is quite alarming because I suppose our teachers cannot proceed with their instruction unless these modules are available and accessible for our students first and foremost,” Fortun said.

This caught the attention of ACT Teachers Partylist Rep. France Castro who asked why the module-to-student ratio could not be at 1:1.

DepEd Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla said that for the 1:1 module-to-student ratio be followed about P35 billion fund would be needed. But the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) only allocated P15 billion for the production of the modules.

“We are readjusting our plan so that we can have a production of the self-learning materials with this amount which was given to us,” said Sevilla.

“Aside from the national government fund which is in the GAA [General Appropriations Act], we have our special education fund [SEF] from the local government units and we also have the Brigada Eskwela as well,” Sevilla said.

“This may be a good opportunity to explain why some of our teachers and school heads are soliciting for some materials for the learning resources,” she added.

Fortun said the ambiguity of the source of funds was “worrisome,” especially that the opening of classes is set on Oct. 5.

“If one of the sources would be Brigada Eskwela and SEF from the local government, we know that the certainty is vague [malabo],” Fortun said.

According to San Antonio, DepEd is “really trying very hard to make sure that the succeeding quarters will really have fewer printed learning modules, considering that there are also local governments that have distributed gadgets.”

“If the concern is the possibility of using the modules as the instrument for the virus to be also be transferred to other learners, we are very clear that if rotational use of modules will be resorted to, by our field units, then we have to make sure that proper disinfection of the learning resources will be made,” San Antonio said.

“If we allow two learners to use modules, this will already reduce our financial requirements by half,” he added.

Source: DepEd


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