For some Professionals out there who just lost their PRC ID, Heres a Step by Step Guide on How to Process it in PRC Office and get a New one.

Dont forget to Bring the following:

  1. Ballpen (Black)
  2. One Notarized Affidavit of Loss – Download Affidavit of Loss Template here
  3. Paste / Glue
  4. 250 Pesos – An Exact amount would be a Good Idea to make the Transaction Faster.
  5. 1 pc. Passport size picture in white background with your full name in name tag – NO need for PRC logo background
  6. Letter of Authority and photocopy of 2 valid IDs (if you wish to send a representative to process in your behalf)

Step by Step Guide on HOW TO PROCESS:

  1. Go to Information / Help Desk near the entrance and get Professional ID Application form. Just mention a “LOST ID“.
  2. Fill out the form completely. Put and Paste your 1 pc. passport size picture.
  3. Go to Window 16 and give your form.
  4. Wait for your name to be called at Window 17.
  5. Get your assessment form once called at Window 17.
  6. Pay 250 Pesos at Window 23 (cashier). there is also a designated Cashier Outside.
  7. Put your O.R. (official receipt) number to the claim stub.
  8. Give your claim stub to Window 27.
  9. Wait until your name be called at window 31.
  10. Claim your Duplicate PRC ID at Window 31.

Estimated time of Processing is about or not more than 3 hours, (depending on the volume of people) and the estimated Cost would take not more than 600 Pesos (also depends on how far you are from the PRC Office).

Here are some Tips on Processing your lost PRC ID

  1. Strictly No to fixer is a policy there so don’t try to find one.
  2. Be in your most comfortable but Professional outfit. A long waiting would be Frustrating.
  3. Read. Forms and postings in the area contain instructions. It is better to be prepared than asking EVERY single detail everyone there is Busy.
  4. Pay at the cashier window inside the building because the temperature outside may get too high especially during Noon.
  5. Pay the Cashier in the Exact amount for fast transaction.
  6. Check all field in your forms and ID.
  7. Do not worry if you see “DUPLICATE” in your new PRC ID.

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