Salary rate for the DepEd's New Positions Teacher IV-VII

Salary rate for the DepEd’s New Positions Teacher IV-VII

Here is the Salary rate for the Department of Education DepEd’s New Positions Teacher IV-VII.

In his last days in office, President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order which creates five new positions for public school teachers, and provides for an expanded career progression system.

Educators can now be promoted to the following posts: Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, Teacher VII, and Master Teacher V.

This Executive Order is to expand teaching positions in DepEd to include positions for Teacher 4 to Teacher 7, and up to Master Teacher 5, providing teachers merit-based career progression/promotion opportunities. This will ultimately benefit our learners in terms of quality of teaching and learning.

With this issuance, here is the expected monthly salary for each corresponding new teaching position based on the current salary table:

  • TEACHER IV (SG14) = 32,321

  • TEACHER V (SG15) = 35,097

  • TEACHER VI (SG16) = 38,150

  • TEACHER VII (SG17) = 41,508

  • MASTER TEACHER V (SG22) = 69,963

deped teacher salary grade rates
current salary table 2022


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  1. As be called handled of teacher positions shall be always as RA 9155 applied rulings of school heads nor principal empowerments as can be called of actual promotions as croterion of RPMS if maybe.Thanks po

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