Salary hike for teachers out before yearend: PRRD

Salary hike for teachers out before yearend: PRRD

The clamor for a salary hike for teachers will soon be realized after President Rodrigo Duterte committed to implement the increase before yearend.

Duterte divulged the news during his arrival at the F. Bangoy International Airport on Sunday.

“Their increase is coming but it’s not double. There are more teachers, my God, but it’s there, it will come this year,” he added.

The President said the increase could be as high as 35 percent from the prevailing rate, or more.

“I think it’s about…the last time they were discussing (it) was about 35 (percent) but it could be more. I do not know,” he said.

When asked about a specific timeline, he responded: “You know the government is such a very complex animal. If I give you the timeline tapos I could not make it on the deadline, I have to explain more than what is expected of government.”

What is important, he said, was to grant the increase that the teachers have been clamoring for.

Rodelyn Ferniz, a public school teacher here, welcomed the pronouncement of the President, saying it would be a big help for them and their families.

“I pray that this will be granted,” said Ferniz, who has been teaching for 16 years.

Mayor Sara Z. Duterte spearheaded an event for the World Teachers’ Day Celebration on Friday (October 4), honoring thousands of teachers in this city for their dedication to the profession.




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