READ: Why Teachers Should be Paid More

READ: Why Teachers Should be Paid More

If you are searching for reasons why teachers should be paid more, you don’t need to step further to find compelling deductions.

Teaching Beyond Their Subjects. While it is true that effective teachers must be a well-rounded individual, expect lesser performance when you ask them to teach subjects out of their preferences. Teachers will sort means to provide the best lectures, but it would be effortless when teaching their specialization. Always remember, it is not easy to fill big shoes when you’re used to living in barefoot.

Drowning Paper Works. This is by far the leading cause of why teachers tend to commit suicide. After a thorough investigation of suicide cases, police found out that the culprit was the overwhelming paper works given to teachers. Of course, the Department of Education would immediately dispose of this premise to protect its stance, but they cannot prevent the public from seeing teachers taking their last breath.

Work Over Family. Teachers spend more than half of their 24 hours in school and expect another big chunk to be consumed in preparing lessons. The said situation usually results in a misunderstanding between husband and wife. Unfortunately, the teacher has no more enough time to explain his side. He/she would instead prefer to sleep.

Feelin’ Just Like a Boss. Another toxic scene that teacher must endure everyday is the exposure to ‘feeling like a boss’ teachers. They are those teachers who feel like they are the most genius ones and tend to instruct you like there’s no tomorrow. Sadly, these type of people thrive in the country’s education system; and those who are working in silence take no credit at all.

More Budget but Always Deficit. Here’s another interesting part of the government’s education scheme- enough budget approved but always a deficit in the distribution of funds. This irregularity will lead teachers to use his/her money to comply with the ‘too-good-to-be-true ‘reports and claims. That’s why do not be surprised if the teacher goes to lending sharks to meet both ends.

These are some of the reasons I think would suffice the call for salary wage hike for teachers. I hope that the government would act something positive on this before all teachers decide to cut their heads!


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