READ: TDC Letter to DepEd Secretary Liling Briones re Implementation of Magna Carta

READ: TDC Letter to DepEd Secretary Liling Briones re Implementation of Magna Carta

READ: TDC Letter to DepEd Secretary Liling Briones re Implementation of Magna Carta


05 November 2018



Department of Education

DepEd Complex, Pasig City


Greetings of Peace!

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) would like to reiterate its desire to discuss the provisions of Magna Carta for Public School Teachers (RA 4670) with the DepEd Management Committee and agree on its implementation. Some of these matters have already been discussed in a series of meeting between us and your office late last year. As a matter of fact, some agreements were reached relative to the implementation of the following provisions:

a. Teaching overload. The DepEd agreed to push for funding for the overtime pay under Sections 13 and 14 which shall be reflected in GAA 2018;

b. Working Hours. The DepEd agreed to clarify the implementation of working hours thru a memorandum/order; and

c. Medical examination. The DepEd promised to allocate a P500.00 medical allowance for individual teachers for FY 2018

We understand the complexities of government budget process which slow down the implementation of said provisions, but we believe that the intent of the law, which was enacted 52 years ago, shall prevail. We acknowledge the DepEd’s effort and we attribute this to an open communication and fruitful coordination. In this light, may we seek for a meeting to discuss the details of some provisions as well as to clarify several other matters relative to our Magna Carta.

In particular, we would like to discuss and clarify the implementation of the following:

  1. Consent for transfer and transportation expenses (Section 6);
  2. Academic Freedom with regard to teaching and classroom methods (Section 12);
  3. Working hours and overtime pay (Sections 13 and 14) in accordance to CSC Resolution No. 080096, DM No. 291, s. 2008 and DO No. 16, s. 2009;
  4. Criteria for salaries set by the law (Section 15);
  5. Gradual progression from a minimum to a maximum salary by means of regular increments within ten years (Section 16);
  6. Payment of special hardship allowances (Section 19);
  7. Prohibition of deductions (Section 21);
  8. Free annual medical check-up for public school teachers, hospitalization and compensation for injuries (Sections 22 and 23);
  9. Paid study leave after seven years of service (Section 24);
  10. Indefinite sick leave of absence (Section 25);
  11. Salary increase upon retirement (Section 26); and
  12. Freedom to organize and prohibition of discrimination (Sections 27 and 28).

We believe that the present DepEd management sincerely intends to implement the welfare provisions of Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, a law that has been partly neglected for more than five decades. Thus, your initial action is very much appreciated and the consideration for this meeting is anticipated.

Thank you very much and we anticipate your most prompt and favorable response.

Respectfully yours,



National Chairperson

Copy furnished:

Hon. Josephine G. Maribojoc, Undersecretary for Legal

Hon. Annalyn M. Sevilla, Undersecretary for Finance

Hon. Jesus L.R. Mateo, Undersecretary for Regional Operations

Hon. Tonisito M.C. Umali, Undersecretary for Legislative Liaison Office


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