READ: Duties and Responsibilities of Master Teachers

READ: Duties and Responsibilities of Master Teachers

Duties and Responsibilities of Master Teacher I

  1. Attends professional meetings, in-service trainings and  related activities for self-growth and advancement.
  2. Prepares daily logs and visual aids related to the lesson .
  3. Conducts remedial episodes classes for slow learners
  4. Updates parents on children’s  progress and problems through dialogues, conferences and PTA meetings
  5. Assists the  guidance counselor in handling students with problems
  6. Gets involved in community and civic-organization activities.
  7. Maintains harmonious relationships with superiors, students,  local and public oficials and co-teachers.
  8. Observes proper decorum
  9. Conducts echo  seminars  for co-teachers.
  10. Mentors  co-teachers in  content and skills difficulties
  11. Helps in the proper and accurate dissemination/implementation of school policies.
  12. Assists principals in instructional monitoring of teachers.
  13. Guides co-teachers in the performance of duties and responsibilities
  14. Leads in the preparation and enrichment of curriculum; leads in the discussion of professional ideas, problems, issues and concerns
  15. Initiates projects and programs that will  enhance the curriculum and its delivery
  16. Makes the needed instructional materials available to teachers and  students
  17. Assists school heads in class monitoring
  18. Conducts in-depth studies or action researches on instructional problems
  19. Coordinates with the grade chairman in disseminating information about school problems, awards, promotion
  20. Conducts demonstration teaching, sharing  effective techniques or strategies and helps identify potential demonstration teachers
  21. Monitors the maintenance of discipline between and among teachers and learners
  22. Assists in designing capacity development programs for teachers
  23. Serves as trainer in school-based INSET
  24. Evaluates teacher-made tests and interpret results
  25. Checks regularly lesson plans of  teachers in the assigned grade/subject area
  26. Carries  regular teaching load for the grade/subject area
  27. Serves as a demonstration teacher

Duties and Responsibilities of Master Teacher II-III

  1. Provides technical assistance to teachers  to improve  their competencies
  2. Takes active participation in the planning and implementation of training programs in school, district and  division levels
  3. Initiates improvement in instructional programs
  4. Leads in the preparation of instructional materials
  5. Introduces innovative teaching approaches and strategies
  6. Serves as demonstration teacher, facilitator or resource person at the school level
  7. Performs regular class monitoring using  process observation tools
  8. Assists the school selection committee in the evaluation of credentials when  hiring or promoting  teachers
  9. Represents the school in conferences or events as delegated by the school head
  10. Conducts post conferences with teachers for feedback on teaching-learning process
  11. Participates actively  in school strategic planning process involving internal and external stakeholders
  12. Carries regular  teaching loads for the assigned grade/subject
  13. Conducts at least one action research every year
  14. Takes charge of the school  reading recovery program, remedial and/or enrichment program
  15. Teaches/Takes over the class if the assigned teacher is absent; works beyond official time
  16. Enriches the  curriculum of his/her field of specialization
  17. Serves as OIC of the school in the absence of the school head
  18. Functions as head/coordinator  of the department in the absence of an Head Teacher/Department Head
  19. Consolidates and interprets competency assessment results
  20. Designs and validates training programs for teachers
  21. Checks, improves and prepares sample lesson plans for the assigned grade/subject area
  22. Interprets test results and utilizes them for improvement of instruction
  23. Helps identify potential demonstration teachers
  24. Gives demonstration to new/striving teachers

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