Some Public School Teachers to Receive Brand New Laptops

Some Public School Teachers to Receive Brand New Laptops

Some Public School Teachers to Receive Brand New Laptops

In the news, The Makati City Government will be giving Brand New Laptop Computers to the DepEd Public School Teachers.

Makati City public school teachers will surely receive a laptop provision for the incoming school year’s shift to distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Abby Binay said all public school teachers in the elementary, junior, and senior high school (2,500 teachers) will receive a brand new laptop to ensure they are well-equipped and well-prepared for online classes.

The local government of Makati is planning to finish distributing all the laptops by October, in time for the World Teachers’ Day.

“No one shall be left behind, whether in teaching or in learning. We must support the teachers and students alike. As I have previously announced, the city will provide free internet access to teachers and students.”

“As the education system shifts to the new normal, teachers also have to adapt to the changes. The city government has anticipated their primary needs and will thus be providing them with laptops to ensure that they can promptly prepare their digitized lessons and conduct online classes,” Binay said in a statement.

Binay also announced last June that 85,000 public school students will get free internet load and a learner’s package from the city government, aside from the usual benefits they receive.

The learner’s package contains a flash drive, printed modules, and two washable face masks.

Despite the pandemic we are facing today, the government assured that programs are in place to ensure that students will get the proper education.

President Rodrigo Duterte no less has vowed to purchase transistor radios so even students living in far-flung areas can attend non-face-to-face classes.


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  1. It could be if all teachers will be gevin laptops since all teachers are doing great job to our pupuls or students everyday and can work from home and listen seminars and can do many great jobs at home.

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