Public School Teachers, Are They Obliged to Attend Saturday Meeting?

Public School Teachers, Are They Obliged to Attend Saturday Meeting?

Is the Deped Public School Teachers, Are They Obliged to Attend Saturday Meeting?, Continue reading this article to find out.

It seems that it is a common practice in the Department of Education (DepEd) that weekends are used to be the schedule for the public school teachers to conduct their in-service training, review for national assessment of the pupils, among others. Those teachers concerned are clamoring why Saturdays or Sundays?

DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005, in particular so provides, that since the quality of education is deteriorating, the teachers are “to increase engaged time-on-task so that the required number of school days in every school year and the time allotment to teaching every subject in school are met by minimizing activities participated in by the teachers and the pupils.

On the other hand, DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2009 regulates the 8-hour working requirement of the teachers to render in the school. It points out definitely that the teachers should have 6 hours actual teaching and 2 hours for teaching-related activities.

With that DepEd Orders, the teachers are already fed up of their teaching job. And of course, they need to have some rest, relaxation. In short, a time for their family they need. But there are occasions that they have to go to school even during Saturdays and Sundays for a meeting, conference, training and the like.

A group of local teachers have aired their feelings on the practice of some school principals or even school administrators to hold meetings, training and the like during Saturdays and Sundays when in fact these are the best days for them to rest or to be with their family.

These teachers are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities and even to the extent of the services as prescribed by law.

The Question: Are they required to attend? Do they have right or the privilege to refuse?

Similar question was posted by a male teacher to a Facebook closed group by a regional teachers. Many had reacted for they’ve been affected seriously.

Republic Act 4461

In the course of discussion on the said social media page on the query that teachers should have to be in Saturday or Sunday meeting, one of the admin posted RA 4461. It is a brief statement of an act about the holding of the meeting of public school teachers.

The complete description or content of this act: CLICK HERE

To be or not to be?

Nobody peradventure dares to interpret such succint act. Well, this is the only question we may pose:

Is it illegal to require public school teachers to attend meetings, conferences, seminars, and other related teacher educative gatherings during weekends?

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