PBB 2019 Update as of May 21, 2021

PBB 2019 Update as of May 21, 2021

Performance Based Bonus PBB 2019 Update as of May 21 2021

Here is a non-official Performance Based Bonus PBB 2019 Update from a legitimate source that monitors Teachers benefits.

According to Shiela Lim Manuel a Teacher of ASSERT-NCR whos very active informing fellow co-teachers on the status of their benefits, She just now posted on Facebook an Update on PBB 2019:

ASSERT-NCR PBB 2019 Updates

The final validation of the PBB 2019 has come to its end and good news for all the teaching and non-teaching forces, for next week DBM will start releasing fifteen (15) regions amounting to 65 percent for best schools and 50 percent as the minimum. First time in history!

Come and share the good news to everyone! Thanks AO25 for updating us….

Please note that Mrs. Manuel’s update might merely for NCR region or might be other regions is concurrent but this information shed light to us who is very tired of waiting on the very delayed benefit which is way back 2 years ago.

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