Online Application for GSIS Consoloan is now Available

Online Application for GSIS Consoloan is now Available

Teachers can now apply online to GSIS, Online Application for GSIS Consoloan.

To ensure the uninterrupted delivery of loan services during the nationwide Enhanced Quarantine period, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is now accepting loan applications from its members and pensioners online via the Internet.

Note however that GSIS will accept online applications for Consoloan, Policy Loan and Pension Loan only, and NOT for Emergency Loan. The GSIS Management will make an announcement regarding the Emergency Loan at a later time.
To apply for a loan, please follow the following procedures:

Step 1. Go to the GSIS Website and click on the “Downloadable Forms” link (

Download the online application form of the loan of your choice: (1.) ENHANCED CONSO-LOAN PLUS, (2.) PENSION LOAN and (3.) POLICY LOAN. Save a PDF file copy of your duly-accomplished loan application form (for email attachment later).

Step 2. Take a photo of yourself holding your GSIS UMID eCard (or your temporary card).

If you do not have a GSIS temporary or UMID eCARD, you can present two (2) valid IDs instead. Take a photo of the two ID cards (front and back) and a clear photo of yourself holding the 2 ID cards.

Save a PNG or Jpeg copy of your ID photos (for email attachment later).

Step 3. Create an email using your personal or your agency-assigned email address.
For easy identification, please use the following format in the email Subject Title: “Loan Application_BP Number._Last Name_First Name_Agency or City / Province”

Sample Subject Title for Active Members:

Sample Subject Title for Pensioners:
Step 4. Compose a short letter and attach the two supporting documents to your e-mail message, namely: (1) PDF copy of duly-accomplished loan application form and (2.) ID photos.
Send the above mentioned documents to the designated email address below (maximum of 5 MB per email) depending on your residence and/or area of work:
Step 5. After you have sent your loan application, please check your email regularly and wait for your Tentative Loan Computation and Loan Conformity (Conforme) from GSIS.
Once you have received the above mentioned documents, email it back to GSIS to signify your conformity to the terms of the loan agreement.
For active members, after receiving your loan conformity GSIS will forward your online loan application to your respective Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) for certification.
Please know that GSIS is exerting all efforts to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to all our pensioners and members. The online mode of filing loan applications is a pro-active measure adopted by GSIS to address the urgent financial needs of its members and pensioners in this time of crisis.
For more Questions and Inquiries you may Contact GSIS Directly by their Facebook page.


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