Keep your Christmas worry-free: DOH

Keep your Christmas worry-free: DOH

MANILA — As the holiday preparations move into high gear, remember to keep stress to a manageable level and get sufficient rest.

Department of Health (DOH) spokesperson, Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy, said this is the best way to stay healthy during the Christmas season.

Planning ahead helps a lot, Lee Suy said on Monday.

“Plan Christmas activities for yourself and your family in order to prevent tension and stress,” he said, adding that this should be coupled with getting enough sleep to give mind and body time to rest.

Lee Suy also advised the public to be on guard against the diseases that come with the season’s cool weather.

“Take care of yourself and your family against changes in temperature. Children and adults may become susceptible to cough, colds, and fever,” he said, suggesting the use of jackets and other thick clothing.

To prevent those with pre-existing conditions from ending up in hospitals, it is important to be “kind to one’s heart” by eating moderately and only nutritious food, Lee Suy said.

“Drink plenty of liquids — water and fruit juices — to facilitate excretion,” he said.

As much as possible, he said, shun crowded spaces where communicable illnesses could be easily passed from one person to another.

“Airy and well-ventilated areas are essential to healthy living,” Lee Suy said.


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