How to Apply for DOST Scholarship with Application Form

How to Apply for DOST Scholarship with Application Form

The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) is now accepting applications for the 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

What is DOST Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

DOST Scholarship Program offers opportunities to talented and deserving students who wish to pursue 4 or 5 year degree priority courses in science and technology fields. The DOST RA 7687 Scholarships and the Merit Scholarships both aim to produce and develop high quality human resources needed for the Science and Technology (S&T) and Research and Development (R&D) initiatives in the country.

If you’re interested to apply for the DOST Scholarship 2019 JLSS and 2010 Undergraduate Scholarships, here’s everything you need to know about DOST scholarship, qualifications, requirements, benefits, courses, schools, and schedule.

DOST Undergraduate Scholarship Categories

RA 7687 Science and Technology Scholarship

RA 7687 Science and Technology Scholarship is for applicant whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of all the identified indicators as approved by DOST-SEI Advisory Committee on S&T Scholarships. No fees are required for RA 7687 applicants.

MERIT Scholarship

DOST-MERIT Scholarship is for applicant who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of any of the identified indicators. The applicants must pay a

DOST-MERIT Scholarship is for applicant who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of any of the identified indicators. The applicants must pay a non-refundable test fee of P200.

Junior Level Science Scholarships (JLSS)

Junior Level Science Scholarships (JLSS) awarded to qualified third year college students who are enrolled in priority engineering courses and other basic and applied sciences and provides for the remaining two or three years of study. The students can either qualify for JLSS Merit or JLSS RA 7687.

R.A. 10612 Scholarship

R.A. 10612 Scholarship under the JLSS is also awarded to third year college students but wishes to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects in the basic education. This supports the execution of Section 8 of the K to 12 law by providing a pool of scholar-graduates which can competently teach STEM subjects.

DOST Scholarship Exam Date

Filing of application for the 2020 DOST Undergraduate Scholarship application will start on June 3, 2019 until September 6, 2019. Date of examination is on October 20, 2019.

Application for the 2019 Junior Level Science Scholarships will start on March 18, 2019 (Monday). Deadline for filing of application is on April 26, 2019. Date of examination is on June 2, 2019.

Download the DOST Scholarship Application Forms

  • Download 2020 DOST Scholarship Application Form – DOWNLOAD

Priority Courses Under DOST Scholarship

The following courses are identified as priority courses and we need more Science and Technology professionals in these fields. We need more Filipino STEM workers in order for our country to be globally competitive and we need more innovations to drive economic development.

Aeronautical Engineering Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering Industrial Pharmacy Meteorology
Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering Information System Microbiology
Agribusiness Management Chemistry Information Technology Mining Engineering
Agriculture Civil Engineering Information Technology Systems Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Agricultural Biotechnology* Computer Science Instrumentation and Control Engineering Nutrition
Agricultural Chemistry Electrical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Biomedical Engineering** Nutrition and Dietetics
Agricultural Economics Electronics and Communications Engineering/Electronics Engineering Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Mechatronics and Robotics** Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy (5-year Program)
Agricultural Technology Environmental Science Manufacturing Engineering Packaging Engineering
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Fisheries Materials Engineering Physics
Applied Mathematics Food Technology Mathematics Applied Physics with Applied Computer System
Applied Physics Forestry Mathematics Teaching Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering
Applied Statistics Geology Mathematics and Science Teaching Petroleum Engineering
Animal Science Geodetic Engineering Marine Biology Psychology***
Biochemistry Geothermal Engineering Marine Science Public Health
Biology Industrial Design Mechanical Engineering Science Teaching (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science)
Ceraics Engineering Industrial Engineering Medical Technology Statistics
Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems Industrial Management Engineering-Information Technology** Metallurgical Engineering Doctor of Veteriary Medicine

*at UP System only
**at DLSU only
***BS rogram

Where to Study

  • State Universities and Colleges (SUC)
  • CHED identified Centers of Excellence (COE) or Centers of Development (COD) for the priority S&T courses.
  • Institutions with FAAP Level III Accreditation

Who can apply for DOST Scholarship?

Below are the major criteria of those who were qualified to apply for DOST Scholarship.

A. General Criteria of Eligibility RA 7687 Merit
Natural born Filipino Citizen
Poor, Talented and deserving student who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of certain indicators. x
Member of  the Top 5% of the Non-STEM strand of senior high school graduating class; or
Member of the STEM strand senior high school graduating class;
Resident of the municipality for the last 4 years as attested by the barangay; x
Of good moral character and in good health; and
Qualifier of the 2019 S&T Scholarship Examination


What are the Benefits/Privileges for DOST Scholars?

B. Scholarship Privileges RA 7687 Merit
Tuition and other school fees P20,000/semester P20,000/semester
Book Allowance P10,000/year P10,000/year
MS/PE Uniform (1st Semester of First Year only) P1,000 P1,000
Group Insurance Premium Premium
Transportation Allowance (for those studying outside of home province) 1 economy-class roundtrip fare 1 economy-class roundtrip fare
Monthly Living Allowance P7,000/month P7,000/month
Summer Allowance (if required per curriculum)
Tuition and other school fees P1,500 P1,500
Book Allowance P500 (to submit OR) P500 (to submit OR)
Monthly Allowance 2 months 2 months
Post-graduation clothing allowance P1,000 P1,000


Where to Inquire and Submit DOST Scholarship Application Forms

You may contact your respective DOST S&T Centers for more information regarding the DOST Scholarship. You will also submit your application forms to them. Below is a list of the DOST S&T Centers and their respective contact details.


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