E-SAT Tool DepEd for SY 2021-2022 FREE Download

E-SAT Tool DepEd for SY 2021-2022 FREE Download

E-SAT Tool DepEd for SY 2021-2022 FREE Download

One of the requirements that teachers must complete as part of the RPMS tool is the so-called Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT).

Teachers will enter the required data into the mentioned eSAT form, usually in a macro-enabled Excel format. ESAT is also one of the foundations for IPCRF teachers. With e-SAT, teachers will guide teachers on their RPMS goals, which they need to improve, and areas where they need mentoring or coaching.

e-SAT is the electronic version of SAT-RPMS. We have available DepEd e-SAT tool for download in School Year 2021-2022

Self-Assessment Tool-RPMS (SAT-RPMS)

The SAT-RPMS: comprise self-assessment questionnaires within the RPMS designed for teachers and master teachers
can be used as a starting point for informal purposes of self-reflection to clarify performance expectations and determine which competencies to focus on
guide discussions about goal-setting and professional development needs

To download for FREE the E-SAT Tool DepEd for SY 2021-2022 simply click on this link: DOWNLOAD ESAT TOOL DEPED


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