DepEd will provide service credit for Teachers overtime

DepEd will provide service credit for Teachers overtime

DepEd will provide service credit for Teachers overtime

DepEd will provide service credit for teacher overtime, Funds for 25% overtime pay, will be submitted to DBM.

A dialogue was held this morning (June 24,2021) between the ACT, ACT Teachers Partylist, Department of Education and Civil Service Commission regarding the ACT’s request for service credit and 25% overtime pay for overtime work in teacher this school year. The dialogue was based on the ACT’s letter of request to Deped on March 30, and to CSC on April 8. Here are the key points in the dialogue:

1. DepEd and CSC recognize that teachers should be compensated for excessive working days this school year (June 1, 2020 to July 11, 2021)

2. DepEd has committed to provide service credit to teachers for each day of teachers ’overwork from June 1, 2020 until before the official class opening on October 5, 2020.

3. DepEd will issue guidelines in this regard as soon as possible, including the removal of the 15-day limit on providing service credit to implement teacher overtime compensation.

4. In the guidelines to be issued, only documents submitted by the implementing unit (school or district) for teachers’ payroll on June 1 to before October 5 will be required to provide service credit.

5. DepEd and CSC agree that by law should provide 25% premium as overtime pay on days of overwork. DepEd will engage in dialogue with the Department of Budget and Management to fund it.

6. DepEd and CSC also agree on the right of teachers to monetize their service credits each year, as does the monetization of leave credits enjoyed by all government employees. DepEd needs to compile a report on how many teachers want to monetize and submit it to the DBM for budget.

7. DepEd has not yet been able to speak on Proportional Vacation Pay, and its guidelines and computation for the current school year because Pang has not yet made a decision. Duterte when the next school year will open.

8. The ACT also raised issues regarding the P300 monthly Communication Expense Reimbursement for 2020 which until now has not been obtained by the majority of teachers, the status of probationary teachers and attacks on ACT Unions carried out by NTF-ELCAC. DepEd has committed that there will be a separate dialogue in this regard.

We are grateful to DepEd and CSC for communicating with ACT and addressing this very important issue. We expect the agencies to hold on to their commitments in the conversation that took place. We will continue to watch over and strengthen our just demands.

Service credit + 25% overtime pay, give it now!



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