Update and Clarifications on Alternative Work Arrangement Policy as of June 22, 2020

Update and Clarifications on Alternative Work Arrangement Policy as of June 22, 2020

Update and Clarifications on Alternative Work Arrangement Policy as June 22, 2020

Here is the latest Update and Clarifications on Alternative Work Arrangement Policy as June 22, 2020, continue reading below to know more.

Due to escalating concerns of our personnel following the issuance of the policy on Alternative Work Arrangements (AWA) per DO 22, s 2020, and the ongoing physical enrollment per DO 8, s. 2020, the following clarifications are hereby being made :

  1. While the AWA policy takes effect starting tomorrow, 22 June 2020 Monday DO11 does not in any way restrict teaching personnel to report on a work From Home (WFH) basis. A WFH arrangement is still highly recommended for both teaching and non-teaching personnel, especially fo functions/processes/services that can be rendered through alternative strategies/modalities
  2. Physical Reporting to the workplace/on-site, including the conduct of physical enrollment in schools and /or other similar activities, shall be highly discouraged, even in low-risk areas. SDO and School / CLCs are urged to exhaust all possible means to conduct remote enrollment

Unless otherwise highly necessary ( That is only in the event that parents/ guardians have no other means to submit enrollment data through remote platforms) , any forms of physical enrollment shall be done in proper coordinations with the LGUs concerned , and in strict compliance with minimum public health and and safety standards and stringgent physical distancing protocols

3. In exceptional cases ( that is, only in the events when the function/process/ service to be rendered cannot be delivered through alternative strategies/modalities), offices/schools/ CLCs requiring physical reporting to the workplace / onsite must ensure that the workplace is compliant with the SAFE RETURN TO WORK protocols per item NO. 17 of DO 11 and other precautionary measures as required by the IATF and DOH.

4. For schools that were used as quarantine and isolation facilities , physical reporting to the work place / onsite shall be PROHIBITED until such time that a certifications from proper health auuthourities are issued that the school is safe and fit for education use subsequent to clean up and fumigation protocols, in accordance with pertinent DOH guidelines and other applicable rules and issuances .

5. IT is emphasized the DO 11 does not encourage physical reporting . It simply provides for a menu of AWA options and guidance to DepEd offices / schools / CLCs and personnel on the work arrangement that is most appropriate / applicable to the offices / schools / CLCs based on the : (a) form of community quarantine where the offices / schools / CLCs is situated ; (b) minimum and public health and safety standards ; and (c) continuity of basic education services amid this pandemiv

6. Optimal of full operation capacity , as may be allowed in MGCQ and Post- CQ areas , does not neccesariy correspond to full manpower requirement physically reporting to the workplace / onsite.

7. Health and safety conditions and travel limitations of personnel, as enumerated in DM 43 and DO 11, shall be taken into considerations in determining the applicable AWA per individual.


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