Ranking guidelines for new Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs)

Ranking guidelines for new Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs)

Ranking guidelines for new Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs)
Ranking guidelines for new Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs)

For the new PLTs out there Congratulations! for passing the LET exam here is a guide that will help you through the ranking system of DepEd and eventually to become a public school Teacher.

Just after passing the said Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), you need to undergo first the ranking system to become a public school teacher. This is another challenge for all aspiring public school teachers. In the ranking there is scoring, and you need to attain at least 70 total points from different criteria.

Here are the things you should know, Based on DepEd Order No. 7, S. 2015.

Education (GWA) – up to 18 points

If with M.A/Ph.D – up to 2 points

  • – M.A. Grad – 1 point
  • – Ph.D. Grad – 2points

Teaching Experience – up to 12 points

  • In every month of service, 0.15 points shall be given or 1.50 points per year. (As per DO No. 22, S. 2015) (recalibration)
  • In every month of service 0.50 points shall be given or 5 points per year.

Teaching experience of Kinder Volunteer Teachers (KVT) and LGU-funded teacher shall merit additional points on top of the score they obtain from the above points system, as follows:

  • – less than 2 years of experience = +1 point
  • – 2 to less than 5 years of experience = +2 points
  • – 5 or more years of experience = +3 points

LET/PBET Rating  – up to 15 points

Specialized Training and skills – up to 10 points (NCII or any Seminar Certificates with at least 10 days and up for automatic 10 points. School-related seminar certificates are not valid unless you attend as a teacher not as a student.)

Interview – 10 points

Demo Teaching – up to 15 points

Written Test (English Proficiency Test)  – up to 15 points

TOTAL: 100 points

Do NOTE: that If it does not reach 70 points RQA (As per DO No. 7, S. 2015), don’t worry because there is a recalibration (As per DO No. 22, S. 2015). Which is different from the points system (from DO7 to DO22 recalibration) for Teaching Experience and Education as stated above. Also take note that recalibration only happens when everything in the RQA is used up immediately (As per DO No. 7, S. 2015) and there are still extra items.


Prepare the following requirements by the school screening committee:

  1. CSC Form 212 (Personal Data Sheet) with latest 2×2 ID pictures.
  2. PRC Professional Identification Card (License)
  3. Results of Rating obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers.
  4. Transcript of Records (TOR) with certification of General Weighted Average of Academic Grades.
  5. Service record. (Certificate of Employment) if any.
  6. Certificates of Specialized Training. If any.
  7. Voter’s certification or Brgy. Clearance.
  8. NBI Clearance.

and Thats it! We wish you a good luck for your next journey to become a public school teacher also Here are some Images for your reference:

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