Daily Lesson Log [DLL] Q3 Weeks 7-9 Grade 1-6 Complete Subjects

Daily Lesson Log [DLL] Q3 Weeks 7-9 Grade 1-6 Complete Subjects

Here is the Latest and Updated Deped Daily Lesson Log [DLL] Quarter 3 Weeks 7-9 Grade 1-6 Complete Subjects.

Daily Lesson Log (DLL) is a template teachers use to log parts of their daily lesson. The DLL covers a day’s or a week’s worth of lessons and contains the following parts:

  • – Objectives
  • Content
  • – Learning Resources
  • Procedures
  • – Remarks and
  • – Reflection Definition of Terms

DepEd hereby issues these guidelines on daily lesson preparation to institutionalized instructional planning as a critical part of the teaching and learning process. These guidelines are meant to support teachers in effectively organizing and managing K to 12 classrooms to be genuinely responsive to learner’s needs.

To download the Daily Lesson Logs just click on the download links down below:

Grade 1 Week 7

Grade 1 Week 8

Grade 1 Week 9

Grade 2 Week 7

Grade 2 Week 8

Grade 2 Week 9

Grade 3 Week 7

Grade 3 Week 8

Grade 3 Week 9

Grade 4 Week 7

Grade 4 Week 8

Grade 4 Week 9

Grade 5 Week 7

Grade 5 Week 8

Grade 5 Week 9

Grade 6 Week 7

Grade 6 Week 8

Grade 6 Week 9

How to DOWNLOAD Instructions:

For Phone Users: After clicking on the link then you are redirected to another app or window, Just tap back or tap Overview button[the opposite side of the back button] select the past window. [we recommend using the laptop or pc when downloading]

For Laptop/PC Users: After clicking the download links a single pop up will show it is an Advertisement just close it, then proceed to downloading the files. NOTE: The pop up will show again after a minute or more just simply close it.



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